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This blog was created on March 31, 2013. All previously written reviews are listed here but will link back to my Goodreads reviews.

'Til the World Ends
Shards & Ashes

Albin, Gennifer- Crewel

Bardugo, Leigh- Shadow and Bone
Bickle, Laura- The Hallowed Ones
Blake, Kendare- Girl of Nightmares

Carson, Rae- The Girl of Fire and Thorns
Cass, Kiera- The Selection
Cole, Kresley- Poison Princess
Cross, Julie- Tempest



Fukuda, Andrew- The Hunt

Gates, J. Gabriel- The Sleepwalkers
Gordon, Andrew Q.- The Last Grand Master
Grant, Mira- Feed
Griffin, Bethany- Masque of the Red Death

Habel, Lia- Dearly, Beloved
Hand, Cynthia- Unearthly
Hellisen, Cat- When the Sea is Rising Red
Hodkin, Michelle- The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Howard, A.G.- Splintered


Jackson, Corrine- If I Lie
Jay, Stacey- Juliet Immortal
Jay, Stacey- Romeo Redeemed

Khoury, Jessica- Origin
Kristoff, Jay- Stormdancer

Lam, Laura- Pantomime

Meadows, Jodi- Asunder
Meadows, Jodi- Incarnate
Morgan, Alexis- My Lady Mage
Mullin, Mike- Ashfall


Olsen, Gregg- Envy

Peacock, Kathleen- Hemlock
Price, Lissa- Starters


Richards, Elizabeth- Black City
Roth, Veronica- Divergent

Salomon, Peter Adam- Henry Franks
Sanders, Adrien-Luc- From the Ashes
Sexton, Marie- Promises
Simmons, Kristen- Article 5
Souders, J.A.- Renegade
Spotswood, Jessica- Born Wicked
Stiefvater, Maggie- Forever
Stiefvater, Maggie- The Raven Boys




West, Kasie- Pivot Point


Young, Suzanne- A Need so Beautiful
Young, Suzanne- A Want so Wicked

Zhang, Kat- What's Left of Me

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