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My name is Nicole but you can call me Nic. Or you can call me Nicole. Doesn't matter to me. I will be thirty in a few weeks. I like with my husband and two cats in Austin. I'm a receptionist in an office building. At the moment anyway. When I watch The Office I sometimes (always) find myself comparing my life to Pam's. I feel like her a lot. I feel her pain.

Working in an office gives me a lot of time to read and write. I can't really complain about that. I still do though because I don't exactly get along with my boss. That's okay. Hubby will be finishing his PhD soon and then I get to start life as a full-time writer. I look forward to this.

I've been debating getting a book blog for over a year now and finally decided to do it. Hopefully this works out. This blog will mostly be YA but I read a variety of things and I'll be reviewing some other books as well. Like romance.

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